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I’m a PhD student. How do I go on to the next stage of my career?

Thinking about moving from a PhD to a postdoc? Don’t panic! Feeling confused or overwhelmed about your life after a PhD? Don’t worry! You have choices. You have transferrable skills. How can you navigate this key career change? What are the issues to consider?  The move from PhD to postdoctoral researcher is a tricky one. It is perhaps the most important move towards a

Been asked to do a peer review? This is why you should say YES!

Been asked to perform peer review for a journal? Turn it into a career opportunity!  Let’s find out why doing peer reviews is great for your career.  Imagine you’ve received an invitation to review a paper from a leading journal. Or put another way, imagine that your boss has asked you to comment on a document she put together.  One of the key takeaways

How do I differentiate my research from that of others?

You can be different in your research writing — more eye-catching and more memorable! This is also important if you are going to get your work published in leading journals where editors, of course, want to see work that’s a little different.

Our most popular QuickCourses


Academic English Writing

Learn the foundations of professional academic English writing, especially for international peer-reviewed journals.

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Before You Begin Your Research

Learn how to start preparing your research study for publication.

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Ethics and Research Standards

Learn about journal/article types; IMRaD types; what journals want; metrics; drafting, revising, and editing; writing the abstract, title, and keywords.

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How to Peer Review a Paper

In this special webinar, learn how to peer review articles for international research journals.

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How to Write a Peer Review Report

In this follow-up to “How To Peer Review a Paper”, learn how to write a peer review report for international research journals.

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Introduction to Writing Research Articles

Learn the basics of preparing your manuscript for international journals.

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